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Birth Beat has helped 1000’s of parents have their best birth possible. We believe that reading other experiences is an awesome way to learn, get inspired and most importantly, get excited for your birth. Here you can read real birth stories from Birth Beat parents and get to know how Birth Beat has helped them!

Birth of Violet Rose

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“With your online classes and information we fully understood what the doctors and midwives were telling us throughout the labour and it helped us to stay calm and reassured that bubs was in good hands.”

Clare, Daniel and Lydia

“Thank you for the wonderful course that you have developed. My fiance Tom and I found all of the modules so helpful, and went into the whole birth experience feeling empowered with knowledge. I didn’t feel afraid or nervous about labour or birth at all as I approached the end of the pregnancy. It was great to have access the content online, as Tom and I watched the modules here and there throughout the pregnancy and then rewatched the stages of labour videos and practical videos a couple of times late in the pregnancy.”

Cassie, Tom and baby Eddie

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