Birth Story - Melanie's Birth Experience

If you’re expecting, one of the best things you can do to prepare is to read other Mumma’s birth stories. Not only will this help you understand more about what to expect, it will show you the impact of education.

Birth Beat Mumma Melanie described her birth as “amazing and perfect” and said her husband thinks she is a superhero. Check out her full birth story…

The arrival of baby Vivian

“Hi Edwina,

Just want to let you know our first daughter Vivian arrived in the world in July.

Your course was so helpful – our hospital didn’t offer any antenatal classes due to Covid. I’m glad as this was better!

My husband and I both did your course. We both enjoyed it. As a health professional I really liked no airy fairy stuff and just the essentials and facts. I am also a panicky person and thought I would really freak out for the whole process. I made sure I had all tools available and was really prepared.

I had a really really long labour. Lost part of my plug on Friday night and had contractions that started at about 30 mins apart and then gradually got closer together. By Saturday night they were 10 mins apart. I ignored them until I couldn’t and went about my weekend. I didn’t get much sleep even though I really tried and by Sunday night my plug came out and water broke at about 11pm. Arrived at hospital at 2am Monday morning with contractions about 4mins apart. There was meconium in my waters. I started on gas at about 7am, previously managing with tens machine and wooden combs (some mysterious witchcraft and it was the only reason I felt like I could manage – worked wonders and best $4 spent).

They checked me just before I started gas and I was 7cm dilated. At lunch time I wanted to push and they prepared the room and turned on the baby heat lamp. They checked me and I was still 7cm. They offered me syntocin due to meconium present. I asked to wait an hour but we had a discussion and I decided to have an epidural due to exhaustion/no sleep and then the syntocin. By 3pm I was fully dilated and I chose to wait an hour for baby to come down before pushing. I pushed for over an hour then baby’s heart rate went up really high and the obstetrician helped me with forceps to deliver the baby.

To me it was the most amazing and perfect birth. I would not have changed a thing about it. My husband thinks I am a superhero.

The program kept me cool, calm and collected. I kept thinking throughout the whole process ‘I am in control’. Your settling technique and bathtime video has also worked wonders and really helped us to confidently put her to bed.

Thankyou so so much.”

– Mel and Hewan

Image of Mumma Melanie and baby Vivian
Image of Melanie, Hewan and baby Vivian
Image of baby Vivian

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