The 3 Bags You Need To Pack For Birth

Being prepared for childbirth can help to reduce any feelings of overwhelm. There are lots of practical things you can do to help feel prepared ahead of welcoming your new bubba into the world. For example, doing our online childbirth course or simply packing your hospital bags so they are ready to go!

Packing a few bags may seem so simple. However, after having so much learning to do during pregnancy it can be too much to remember! Often simply writing things down is the best way to get them out of your head and help you feel more in control.

To help you with that, I have created packing checklists so that you can tick things off as you go and not forget a thing!

What to pack for birth:

There are 3 bags you need to have packed and ready to go before your birth. These include:

– Your labour grab & go bag
– Mums hospital bag
– Bubs hospital bag

Your Labour Grab & Go Bag:

Your labour grab and go bag is the bag that you will be taking into the birth suite with you. Everything you will need or want during labour will be going into this bag. (Don’t stress, I share everything you need in the FREE checklists below.)

It’s super handy to keep this bag with you at all times when you are approaching your estimated due date. This will eliminate any stress of getting to your bag when you go into labour.

My top 3 items to pack in your labour grab & go bag:

1. Oversized Dark T-Shirt

During labour, you will often experience a heightened sense of awareness. Tight or restrictive clothing can become uncomfortable and annoying. Your best option will be a big, loose t-shirt. I also recommended a dark t-shirt as birth can be a bit messy.

2. Socks

Birthing suites can get quite chilly! And believe it or not, some women get cold feet during labour.

3. Massage tools and oils

Massage is a great natural pain relief option during labour. There may be some massage tools and oils you would like your support person to use on you. Lightly scented oils such as lavender can help with relaxation.

Mums Hospital Bag:

This is your hospital stay bag Mumma. You don’t need this one on you at all times, but it’s important to have it packed and ready so that you can get someone to bring it to the hospital for you if you need it.

Think of anything you will want with you in your hospital stay. I share everything you will need in the checklist below, but you may have some extra personal items you would like to add!

My top 3 must have items to pack in Mum’s hospital bag:

1. Lot’s of maternity pads, and then lots more

Grab a few bags of maternity pads and when you think you have enough, grab another bag. In those first few days after labour, expect to have a significant amount of blood loss similar to a very heavy period. A regular pad just isn’t going to cut it.

2. Granny Undies

Forget bikini cut knickers or g strings for the time being. You’re going to want full coverage, high waisted granny undies for the first few days. First of all, you’ll need the extra space to hold your maternity pad in place. Black is a wise colour in case of any leaks.

I also suggest high waisted undies for in case you a C-section. Typically, non high waisted undies will sit right on your C-section incision scar line. Granny knickers will go up and over that whole are to ensure comfort.

3. Pillows

Hospital pillows may not be comfy, and they also might not supply enough to make you comfy.  You may also want to bring along a breastfeeding pillow for extra support when feeding.

Bubs Hospital Bag:

Many first-time expecting parents don’t know what they actually need to pack for bub in hospital. It’s completely normal to be unsure, it’s all so new! The only thing you can do is get educated on these things and I’m here to help you do just that.

My top 3 must have items to pack in Bub’s hospital bag:

1. Nappies

Private hospitals may supply nappies, however public hospitals don’t. Pack lots of disposable or reusable nappies (completely up to you). Keep in mind your baby can go through up to 12 nappies in a day.

2. 3 x baby bodies/ vests, baby grows/ sleepsuits and socks

These should be enough for your baby to wear during hospital. However, pack more if you know you are staying for longer. Don’t forget socks or booties to keep bubbas feet warm.

3. Baby wipes

Newborn skin is very delicate so aim for as natural as possible. Water wipes are great!

To find out exactly what to pack for birth grab your complete hospital bag checklists below for FREE.

These checklists are just one of the many resources inside the Ultimate Online Birth Course. An online antenatal course designed to prepare and support you for your birth and early parenting journey at a time that is convenient to you. You can discover more about the course HERE. I would love to welcome you into our community. But for now…

Happy Packing!

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