Best Baby Products - Recommended By The Birth Beat Tribe

They say it takes a village to raise a child and boy do we have an awesome village here at Birth Beat! We reached out to you, our community of Mummas, Daddas and parents-to-be on an email asking what you thought should be the best baby products.

We were absolutely blown away with the response! (Pssst if you want in on all the latest from Birth Beat including tips and insights that I don’t share anywhere else, sign up here – no spam, just real and raw goodness from me, first access to new content and special offers).

We’ve curated all of your amazing newborn must-have suggestions into one epic blog post of lifesavers for Mums and bubs during those first few days and weeks. These aren’t sponsored or officially endorsed in any way, just real, raw and honest tips and finds from mums just like you. And the best bit is, you won’t find a list like this anywhere else – some of these ideas and suggestions are absolute gold!

Here is your list of the best baby products.

Practical Helpers

1. Online grocery delivery – “one less reason to leave the house in those early weeks and one less chore on the do list so you can focus on you and bub.”

2. Ask people to take photos of you and your new family. In years to come, you’ll want to look back on these moments, even though you might not feel that way now.

3. For home – “a fairy to deliver tasty, healthy cooked meals and who does loads of washing, sweeps the floor and maybe holds the baby while you shower” – this one made us laugh, but on a serious note, accept any help that’s offered and don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and neighbours for a favour when you need it.

4. “A village of kind people”

Products for You

1. Condoms filled with water and placed inside pads for post-birth relief.

2. Haemorrhoid cream – just in case.

2. Lanolin nipple cream in your hospital bag.

3. “In my first childbirth, I underestimated how much bleeding there would be. So, pads. Lots of pads!”. Make sure you get decent maternity pads or night time pads with wings so they stay in place. You’ll thank me later!

4. “For hospital – good quality toilet paper, nipple cream and shields.”

5. For the birth – “your classes of course and a tens machine.” What a fab response! Haha.

Baby Health

1. A good thermometer – “I found Omron to be a good brand. The forehead reader helps as you can take it while they are asleep”.

2. Infant paracetamol on-hand so that you’re prepared, especially if needed at night time. Note, babies shouldn’t have paracetamol until they’re 3 months old. But it pays to have it on-hand ready to go as you’ll inevitably be caught without it when you need it.

3. Nosefrida and Baby Fess spray – “a huge help when bub had a cold at two weeks!”.

4. Infant’s Friend and/or Infacol.

5. Nail Snail – “minimises the stress of cutting those teeny tiny nails!”

Bedtime for Baby

1. Meelight “3 light settings to clip onto things when you’re feeding. Not too bright but enough to see what is happening”.

2. Baby Monitor 36 App. “Best thing ever! No cords or docking stations all you need is 2 devices- one that is in the baby’s room and one with you (my phone). As long as you have Wifi/internet (most people do now!) then your good to go.”

3. Love to Dream sleeping bags.

4. Snuza Hero, a breathing monitor.

Out and About with baby

1. Baby carrier – “hands-free time if you need it on those days bub wants to be close (re on) you at all times.”

2. 3 – wheel stroller “Baby Jogger, City Mini. It is great, very easy to steer when shopping and doesn’t take up the whole boot. Nice and light too.”

Just for bub

1. A swing – “Fisher and Price My Little Lamb. A lifesaver…It goes everywhere with me kitchen, outside my bathroom when I have a shower, back yard when hanging washing. Like a second pair of hands!”.

2. Onesies in a range of sizes “0000s fits an average size baby at Birth. Best & Less clothes tend to be a little on the smaller size and Bonds Wonder Suits tend to be on the larger size. Big W and Kmart are much of a muchness.”

3. Comfortable play mat – “Little Wiwa is amazing”.

4. Wraps – “We used the Organic cotton ones from Target. Good size and texture.”

5. Waterproof change pad cover.

Feeding Time

1. Bibs – “saves having to change a whole outfit if you have a spewy baby.”

2. Formula sachets and at least 1 bottle on hand – “saved us on a stressful night with milk issues and rural living so no shops open. I still went on to breastfeed until almost 5 months).

3. HaaKaa Breast Pump

4. Milk storage bags.

5. Old-fashioned cloth nappies – “best spew rags ever! Use them in the pram, on a play mat, the couch, everywhere!”

6. Feeding pillow.

Thank you so much to all of the beautiful Mumma’s who shared their recommendations for the best baby products.

There are SO many products on the market for newborns and their parents, it can be a total minefield for first-timers. Getting insight from other new mums about what they loved and used can be a lifesaver – even if it’s just to give you an idea about a product that you hadn’t thought of or never even knew existed.

If you have any suggestions for must-have baby products, please send them through to and we’ll update this list.

Big Love, Edwina