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How to bath a newborn

No Crying Guaranteed

How to safely bath a newborn baby

The startle reflex - Why it's important!

Why you should never use bath aids

My tip to make bath time more enjoyable

Meet some of our gorgeous birth beat bubs!

“Hi Edwina,I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Birth Beat Course! Little Jake was born via emergency C-section as he was breech and my waters broke at home before the scheduled op. Your course really helped prepare our family! I have to also mention that Jake absolutely loved his first bath. It was stress free for all three of us thanks to your very informative video on how to bath a new-born. Thank you again!"

Alicia and baby Jake

"Hi Edwina,⠀I’m so glad we did your course as I felt so well informed about possible interventions we may encounter... Unfortunately about an hour after the midwife brought in a Doctor who said they recommended we have an emergency Caesarian, and again your module on that was so helpful... knowing about what we could potentially come against was so helpful. Thanks again! P.S Your bath technique worked wonders!"

Laura, Brent and baby Thomas

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