What Maddocks Lawyers Employees are Saying About Birth Beat

“Couldn’t speak more highly of it, it’s broken into easy digestible modules, no video is longer than ½ hour, you can watch it together with your partner or separately. Covers pre and ante natal, is now up to the module about post-delivery or birth which covers topics like bathing, feeding, what to expect at home. Like that you can pause it and discuss with your partner what you’ve just watched.”

Krystal Malcom
Senior P&C Advisor

“Birth Beats is actually great – a super resource and I’m so grateful to have been given access to it. I have been so busy the last 6 months I haven’t had time to digest what is happening with baby no. 2. But on a couple of weekends I have had some time to explore Birth Beats and it really got me into the right mind frame and had answers to lots of the questions in my head. I finish up work today, but I’m planning on logging in to Birth Beats again on the weekend to really reset and prepare!”

Mira Martin
Senior Associate

"I’ve really enjoyed Birth Beat! Information is presented in an easy to understand way & is really engaging. My husband has enjoyed it too. It has been particularly good with COVID as all face to face birth classes with the hospital are cancelled.”

Bridie McWhirter